Fitness Director, Tmrw.Tday

Toronto, Canada

Ryan is a former professional athlete turned fitness entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and Owner of Strive Life Athletics, a boutique group-training studio specializing in movement education and HIIT conditioning.  Ryan is a Nike Branded Trainer and Performance Coach who holds a number of movement focused certifications that align his approach to training for longevity and his life athlete mindset.

Strive Life Athletics will be popping up to serve up their signature HIIT Conditioning workouts, paired with great music from Strive Cast Guest Mixes and a team vibe that will get your endorphins flying. Be prepared for full body conditioning, dynamic plyometrics and athletic movements. A full warm up and cool down will be packaged into each workout. Get ready for beach inspired workouts and some of the most memorable hours of your week.

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