Wellness Director, Tmrw.Tday

Toronto, Canada

Stacy is the creator and founder of Irie Soul. It was her Chinese-Jamaican roots that led to the inspiration of Irie Soul Beach at Tmrw Tday.  A self-confessed “believer in the magic of the universe, synchronicity and the law of attraction,” She aims to empower others to tap into their own powerful life force energy by raising their level of consciousness. She believes we all have the ability to create the lives we want and serve our dharma (purpose) as there is an abundance amassed for us all.

Stacy encourages everyone to live by Naturality, living according to their own innate nature and following their own individual path by tuning within. After studying yoga in India, Stacy became fascinated with the ancient healing practices of Ayurveda. She strives to study this further and obtain this knowledge not just for her own journey but to share with the world.

The yogic lifestyle has transformed her life and led her on this path. Teaching a style all her own, a combination of Hatha, Yin, slow flow Vinyassa. The emphasis is to build strength through postures from the ground up, proper alignment and connecting with the breath through pranayama and meditation. Join her and leave inspired, with an Irie Mind, Irie Body & Irie Soul!

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