Zinc Fence Redemption

Kingston, Jamaica

The love of music, making beats and undeniable talent has made Zinc Fence Records one to watch in the music industry. Entering the market as virtual unknowns, they quietly snuck in and ravaged the airwaves with their incredible sounds/beats and musical compilations. They are game changers, not only putting conscious music back on the map, but giving it a new twist, morphing the vibe, creating music that has elements of both modern and past eras that is relatable to people worldwide. They’ve achieved a level of greatness they couldn’t imagine for themselves with the release of their first EP “Hooked On Chronixx” in 2010. They’ve also had their songs performed live on Jimmy Fallon and seen major success worldwide with ‘Dread and Terrible’ reaching #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts.

At the start, in 2010, ZincFence Records originally known as ‘MOB Records’ had two members – Romaine “Teflon” Arnette and his brother Ricardo “Shaydz” Lynch. The name ZincFence was first suggested through a friend, but it wasn’t up for consideration initially. After some thought and observation, the team recognized the prevalence of zinc fences in the Jamaican landscape and adopted the soon to be legendary name. Teflon, who started out as a computer engineer, had a deep passion for making beats. Throughout high school, transcending into his professional life, he continuously created new rhythms that his brother, Shaydz would then deejay on. It started out as something they both did for fun but soon their synergy grew and it became clear that this was something they could do seriously. A few years later, Teflon met Jamar Rolando McNaughton aka Chronixx at a House of Hits studio in Half Way Tree. After that first link, the rest, as they say, is history. Their commonalities and shared interests made for an incredible musical combination.

Being the new kids on the block was not an easy road. People could not deny their musical talent, but they had no street credibility. Having been faced with rejection and exorbitant artiste voicing fees they decided to use their skills and create a sound of their own. In the past, Chronixx had written songs for the likes of Lutan Fyah, and other artistes in the industry and so they put his writing skills to use creating ‘Warrior’ and ‘Behind Curtain’. Chronixx set out initially to become a producer, but fate had other plans. They built the rhythms, Chronixx voiced both songs and like wildfire to kindling the songs blazed through the streets.

No longer new kids and now recognized as musical geniuses, Zinc Fence Records has expanded its team.

It isn’t hard to imagine ZincFence Records among greats such as Island, Atlantic and Interscope Records in a few years. As they continue to create ‘world music’ that is both aspirational and inspirational, there is no doubt that they will be included amongst the ranks of new music icons.

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