Acro Yoga & Inner Child Playshop

Toronto, Canada

Through movement art, acro yoga and spiritual alchemy we seek to inspire others to redefine their perception of what is possible and reclaim a piece of themselves that is longing to be seen, felt and heard.

Miranda and Ryan, aka ACRO BUDDHAS fuse their love for movement and connection by teaching and performing acrobatic yoga worldwide. Miranda and Ryan believe movement is the secret to life; a belief that is rooted into their everyday living.

With numerous decades of combined training and dedication to movement arts, Miranda and Ryan share a highly sophisticated understading of body mechanics and movement drawn through numerous lineages of yoga, personal training, competitive dance, competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, muay thai, thai massage, and a highly refined acrobatic yoga practice. By drawing on each of these elements within their movement backgrounds, ACRO BUDDHAS are known to have unlocked a unique, articulate and artistic teaching style.

When being guided by Miranda and Ryan, expect to refine your acrobatic yoga practice in a safe space, while discovering a newfound appreciation for articulate movement, full body strength, aligned with the ability to unlock grace and artistic expression within the practice. Above all, expect to laugh and live presently with a soulful connection rooted in the spirit of unity and community.

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