By Kassandra Nunes

From fitness duo Acrobuddhas to music producer Nick Monaco, Tmrw.Tday boasts some of the most inspirational and creative acts from around the world.


Yaadcore is best known as the personal DJ of contemporary reggae artist, Protoje – who is also performing at Tmrw.Tday! However, Yaadcore is more than just that. With an extensive repertoire of his own, Yaadcore has begun making his mark on the Jamaican music scene. He was introduced to music by his father at a young age, and it sparked the passion that still lies in him today. He wanted to bring a soul filled, humble music personality to the stage, and really hopes to provide enlightenment through music. This is why we thought Yaadcore was the perfect fit for our festival, and we can’t wait for him to bring his musical groove to everyone at Tmrw.Tday!

Teflon ZincFence

Teflon Zince Fence is the founding member of ZincFence Records, a popular record label in Jamaica. Zincefence Records hosts names like Teflon himself, Shadez, SoS Dynamicz, Jahkime, and is the official record label for the international Jamaican reggae artist Chronixx himself. Focusing on reggae, dancehall, dub, roots, and hip-hop, the label releases all the genres that have helped define Jamaica as a nation. Teflon is also part of Zincfence Redemption, Chronixx’s band. They accompanied him all throughout his Europe tour in 2013, having the opportunity to play for fans all around the continent. The band started out with the original members being Elisha Ellis, Joshua Jones, and Nnamdi Robinson. The band ended up getting such great support, that they needed to build the band further. They went on to add Evan Mason and Kevin Patterson – their keyboardist and 2nd guitarist, respectively. We are so excited and can’t wait to bring Teflon’s smooth reggae sound to the 7 Mile Beach.

David Marston

David Marston is a producer stemming from Kingston, and focuses on house and electronic music. His soulful, chill-out vibes are not to disappoint, especially while relaxing on the beautiful 7 Mile Beach in Negril. He associated himself with Soul Clap records while he was a senior in university, and they weren’t even a record label yet. They responded positively to his music, he continued sending them songs, and the rest is history. The whole point of his music is the ability for it to be enjoyed in intimate settings. He wants you to be able to really process the music, and what better way to do that than on a beautiful, serene beach? We are so excited for David to perform at Tmrw.Tday, and we can’t wait for him to take us on a soulful deep house journey.

Nick Monaco

We also introduce Nick Monaco, another music producer that is pushing boundaries with every work he creates. Contributing to Crew Love, Nick connects very deeply with the music that he wishes to share with the world. His unique take on art separates him from a lot of artists known in club culture. To say his beats are a little sensual may be an understatement, but we’ll leave that for you to find out! Nick has gone beyond music to give his fans a full sensory experience. With his own lipstick line “Freak Flag” that supports the transgender community, as well as the perfume companion to his new album, “Half Naked,” you can literally wear Nick on your lips and smell each song on his album. His sensual beats and commitment to being a mindful, vulnerable, yet confident artists are why we’re bringing him to you, only at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest.


The Acrobuddhas are a performance duo made up of Miranda and Ryan from Toronto. They combine the ancient practice of yoga with acrobatics to make movements that work together harmoniously, while constantly keeping you on your toes. You never know what they’re going to do next, and it often surprises you! Each of them have decades of experience in competitive dance, competitive cheerleading, muay thai, personal training, teaching yoga, and of course, highly advanced acro yoga practice. The Acro Buddhas have performed at numerous festivals, and have worked with a number of Canadian artists in music and fashion. They also host workshops and teach their practice, which they will also be doing at Tmrw.Tday! However, there’s no need to worry – it will be a basic introduction. We’ll leave the advanced moves to them!

Whole Life Balance & Pulse Pump Prana

Finally, we welcome Amanda and Brittney from Pulse Pump Prana, the wellness company that’s been taking Toronto by storm! They started the company because they wanted to build a community of like-minded individuals who could help each other better their fitness and health levels. They teach pilates, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and yoga. Through movement and mind, they hope to create total body awareness in every soul that comes through. Health and fitness is absolutely everything to these girls, and they hope to spread awareness about it in a holistic way. Together they have started something amazing, and we wanted to bring them to Tmrw.Tday in hopes of building this strong, healthy, and mindful community. Their beachfront wellness classes definitely won’t be something to miss!

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