The Freedom Skatepark

“Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is a very important weapon to prepare children for their future roles as leaders of the community.” – Nelson Mandela     On July 2016, a life changing initiative was born; The Freedom Skatepark. Inspired by the tragic death of Andre ‘Wildfiyah’ Thompson in 2009, […]

Forbes: A Tale Of Two Festivals. Success at Tmrw.Tday and Ongoing Angst at Exuma’s Fyre

By: Brad Auerbach – Forbes Magazine Two recent inaugural island festivals are a study in how to organize a successful gathering. The Tmrw.Tday festival in Jamaica’s Negril was a resounding success. A few weeks earlier, the Fyre festival in the Bahamas has left a wake of lawsuits. Between the two festivals I spoke with Tmrw.Tday’s organizer Andrew […]

Konscious Kids Initiative

Since inception, the Tmrw Tday Festival has given back to Jamaica through its Konscious Kids program. This year, powered by local non-profit 876 Volunteer, the focus turned towards spreading our Cultural Seeds of the festival into the festival’s hometown of Negril. Our Wellness Assembly with Negril All Age School couldn’t have come at a better […]

Have You Ever Met Your Future Self?

We all feel fear, stress and anxiety. We’re only human. Did you know that you already hold all the answers to your future within you? That the power to manifest whatever you want lies within the quantum field? All you need are the tools to access it. When life presents us questions… Our Future Self […]

What’s Tmrw.Tday All About?

One of the most common and obvious questions we often get, what is Tmrw.Tday? Well here’s a little taste beautifully captured, narrated and produced by one of our very own Jamieson Daley.  

Sexy Yogis, Time Travel + Cannabis Farms – By Dan McCarthy, Sensi Magazine

It’s an unusually cold Boston morning. Deadline looms, and the usual writerly process of mine has begun. It involves a lot of manic, calves-on-fire pacing, distant gazes for awkward periods of time, made even more awkward by my doing so in the morning uniform of the home office worker (sweatpants hanging off backside, no shirt, […]

Meet Our Tribe Leaders: Acro Buddhas

By Kassandra Nunes Tmrw.Tday is all about connecting the mind, body, and soul. This week’s tribe leaders have been doing this for years, and it is now something they’re sharing with us and the rest of the world. Miranda and Ryan, better known as the Acro Buddhas, travel around the world sharing the beautiful gift […]

Protoje: The GRAMMY Nominee Heading the Reggae Evolution

By Kassandra Nunes Tmrw.Tday headline veteran Protoje is coming back again for another year, and this time, he’s coming with some serious recognition. His fourth studio album, A Matter of Time, has been nominated for Best Reggae Album at this year’s GRAMMY Awards. This is the first time he’s been nominated for a GRAMMY, but […]

Meet Our Tribe Leaders: Carmelinda Dimanno

By Kassandra Nunes Our tribe leaders are the heart and soul of our festival, leading us to inner peace one day at a time. At Tmrw.Tday 2018, we experienced the healing power that radiates from each of these special souls, and this year, we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. […]

A Reggae Christmas: Tmrw.Tday’s Holiday Playlist

You turn on the radio in your car, you go to a Christmas party, you’re shopping in a store – it’s inevitable. It’s prime time holiday music season and you’re bound to hear the classic Christmas songs somewhere. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy, and we’re always given the image of someone snuggled […]