By Tmrw.Tday Team

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

This exact sequence of events is what caused the creation of alternative media organisation Collective Evolution (CE) in 2009. Today, CE is gaining ground as a key media player and change based organization, with a mission that aims to shift consciousness.

Seeing media display such political and corporate bias, judgement, anger, CE believes creating a new form of media is important. One that considers the people and how they can utilize information to make informed decisions and change their lives.

Their mantra?  “Change starts within.”

“It has been our focus since the beginning, creating content that shifts consciousness and allows people to take action within themselves to create a better world as a whole. We’re more than just a media organization, and our track record shows that.” says CE’s founder Joe Martino.

Inspired by the need for a unity in independent media, The Conscious Media Coalition (CMC) was recently launched.

With support from Collective Evolution, The Free Thought Project, The Daily Haze, Mint Press News and more, CMC brings together like-minded entities that have a story worth sharing. But it’s not just any old “blogger” curating the news – contributors must adhere to strict reporting guidelines and a high standard of journalism. Freedom of speech and thoughtful opinion is encouraged but must be backed up by facts and reputable sources.

“People are heavily influenced by their surroundings and consumption, media falls within both of those brackets. If we as media can change the current narrative (which is fear based) to one of love, then I believe collectively we can create a better world for future generations,” said Justin Booth, strategic partnerships at Collective Evolution.

With a combined reach of an estimated 40 million eyeballs each month, the CMC network anticipates its impact to increase as more companies with a conscience join in support of this independent media movement.

News subjects will include:

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Passion Based Education
  • Consciousness & Spirituality
  • Peaceful Activism
  • Positive Music
  • Sustainable/Ethical Products
  • Health (Mind, Body and Soul)
  • Ethical Currency
  • Localised Economy
  • Beneficial Technology    

With a plethora of values in line with our own, Tmrw.Tday is thrilled to announce Collective Evolution as the official conscious media partner for the week-long event in Negril.

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