Conor Gains

Soul Rebel Music – Singer, Songwriter

Toronto, Canada

Singer/songwriter Conor Gains proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends genres. “Compass”, the new record, marks the follow-up to the self-released sophomore album “Run Away With The Night”, which sparked interest in the young artist’s music. In 2017 gains’ album closing song “Leave It On The Line” won the cobalt prize at the maple blues awards. This national prize is designed to highlight innovation and creativity in songwriting. This is the impression one gets while listening to the Conor Gains band. The deep respect of roots, jazz and blues music paired with the soulful, adventurous exploration of contemporary music gives Gains’ songs an air of familiarity while listening to something completely fresh and unique.

Gains has been traveling the world playing at festivals and concert halls all over and is ready to share his stories. “This album is my past 3 years of love, growth, travel, smiles and tears reflected in songs. I write to make peace with a situation. Music is my healing and if i can help others by providing a fresh way of looking at something in a different light then i have done my job right and i will sleep well at the end of the night”.

“Compass” is now available in stores and online as of this spring along with new music videos, website and tour dates coming soon to a city near you.

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