ThumbSUP Yoga

Darien, CT

Danielle Brown is Academy of Surfing Instructors SUP Certified, a PaddleFIT SUP Coach and a registered yoga teacher. Out in the elements, up on the paddle board, the encouragement of relaxation to find balance and a broad awareness to confirm a deep end connection, are some of the many reasons why SUP Yoga has been her jam since 2012. It meets the nutty side of the day to day and sandwiches well.

Danielle taught at the Wanderlust Festival in West Virginia, has led retreats to the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda and Tulum, Mexico. She offers her own ThumbSUP Yoga Teacher Training in Connecticut, her home base, and in Florida, her home away from home.

Her thumbs up style is gratitude for family, friends, nature, and time to play and share freely the spirit of Rising with the Tide.


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