By Melissa A. Salmon

Dear Jamaica,

Black, green and gold, may I inherit your greatness. Born in the quaint parish of St. Catherine, I spent a few years in the enriched seaside town of Old Harbour and its neighbouring environs before relocating to your capital, Kingston.

Your history is a rich one, a history which transcends the hardship of slavery. An independent nation since August 6, 1962—the motto highlights your diversity “Out of many, one people.” Our people cherish the local dialect ‘Patois or Creole’ (pronounced Patwah) which is not only greatly used and embraced by the natives of your land, but has also been taught to tourists when they visit.

I tell everyone your island is so tropical with its white sand beaches. How boast live entertainment, top educational institutes, and a myriad of business opportunities. Your location is appreciated by the locals, because you’re easy commute to and from.

You are my home.  

My home is breath-takingly beautiful,  a vibrant Caribbean island where your neighbours offer me freshly picked fruits, vegetables and ground provision— I take my pick of eating a sweet sun kissed mango, or a sugar cane, or having a hearty piece of yam for breakfast. 

My dear Jamaica, when people visit you, I know how uplifted they must feel when interacting with the locals, tasting freshly chopped jelly coconut, your green herbs and naturally seasoned jerk. I encourage everyone to take a moment when sipping some roots wine to bask in your cool irie breeze. And I remind them to take back some of your famously good rum to their loved ones.

Above all, your greatest asset are your people—a uniquely, resilient bunch that radiate joy and humility. Sweet Jamaica—Naah lef’ yaah!

Likkle more,



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Melissa is an Entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a Real Estate enthusiast, and the author of The World Awaits your Greatness: a guide to inspired living book. She is passionate about inspiring the World to tap into their Greatness, for a positive impact.