Dogs hold a very special spot inside the heart for many of us, and they can do some incredible things. They’re cute, they show unconditional love, and they’re pretty emotionally intelligent. However, one dog is taking the game of fetch to the next level: instead of just fetching a stick or some toys, she is fetching the very plastic that is threatening our oceans everyday.

Lila is a black lab who loves the ocean just as much (or more!) than her owner, Alex, co-founder of the company 4Ocean. They play an extremely important role in helping the earth’s environment. For every bracelet they sell, they remove one pound of plastic from our oceans – a problem that is becoming increasingly prevalent among the global community.

The company was founded around two years ago, when Alex and his friend Andrew went on a surf trip to Bali. However, among getting there, they experienced something that they weren’t able to see in life back home. One day they visited a small fishing village, and noticed that the fishermen were forcing their boats through plastic in the water. Not only was this plastic devastating the ocean wildlife, but it was also devastating these fishermen and the many villages that counted on fishing as their livelihood. They had an idea to use nets to pull the plastic from the ocean, just as the fishermen used their nets to fish. The 4Ocean bracelet – made from 100% recycled materials – was born, and they have used it to fund their cleaning efforts ever since.

To date, 4Ocean has removed 2,240,923 pounds of plastic from the ocean, and counting. There is a live counter on their website, so if you’re reading this, it’s probably at an even higher number now!

Our Oceans Need Us

Cleaning our oceans is only one facet of our environmental focus at Tmrw.Tday. The beautiful beaches of Negril, Jamaica help remind us of the beauty of nature – pristine blue waters, white sand, and the beautiful flowers that grow along the shore. But, it is not this beautiful everywhere, and it is important to remember that communities like the small fishing village visited by Alex and Andrew are in danger. They need our help, and it is up to us to be brave and take the first step in joining the cause.

Mother nature gives so much to us, and it is time for us to start giving back. Help the world of Tmrw by starting Tday.

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