By Stacy Chang-Christoforou

We don’t necessarily realize, but we’re surrounded by waves of radioactive radiation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Our wireless devices: laptops, cellphones, tablets, wifi, routers, bluetooth, etc. all use radioactive frequencies and emit electromagnetic radiation EMR a.k.a. “electrosmog.”  I first heard this term through a series of audio tapes that that talked about energy, our vibrations and the law of attraction. I had that ‘light bulb moment’ when they spoke about the fact that we can and should neutralize our electronic devices to protect ourselves from EMR.  

What is EMR Shield?

EMR Shield is “dedicated to creating awareness and solutions with the ever growing problem of  “electrosmog.”  After prolonged use, exposure to low wave EMR is damaging to your health and in our society we use devices that transmit these radioactive waves all day, everyday.  We are obsessed with, attached to and completely reliant on our smart phones and other wireless gadgets.  From the moment we wake up in the morning, these devices begin to affect us.  I know I am even guilty of sleeping with my phone in the bed or under my pillow sometimes, exposing me to these radioactive pollutions even as I sleep.  I literally have to put my phone on Airplane Mode to refrain myself from checking social media and being so available to instantly reply to messages when it’s time to get some reading and writing done.  We could all use a little break and detachment from from these devices that keep us connected yet disconnected from one another all at the same time.

How does EMR Shield protect us?

EMR Shield offers a line of technology that can neutralize the radioactive frequencies coming off of your wireless devices.  These “shields,” which you simply stick onto your device, transform the EMR into much less harmful frequencies.  I personally use the Aires Shield Extreme to neutralize the effects of EMR from my iPhone.

The Aires Shield Extreme is a silicon based micro processor that neutralizes harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.  It contains a next generation Aires microprocessor and an improved resonator antenna. It removes the dangerous anomalies created by the electromagnetic fields.

They also offer the Aires Black Crystal for larger devices: larger laptops, computers, microwaves, etc., and the Aires Black Crystal Aires Defender Infinity which provides universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from widely spread personal communication devices, power lines and cellular towers.

EMR Shield

How their shields works: “First, an electromagnetic impulse from an electronic device is registered by the resonator antenna.  As soon as the charge has accumulated it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor.  Next, a surface wave is created. Further, the microprocessor’s slitted matrix generates a hologram that is a three-dimensional structure with a regularly alternating maxima and minima of field intensity. Finally, the resulting hologram interacts with external radiation, changes it (via the direct and reverse Fourier transform), harmonizing it with the body’s radiation, thus preventing conflict between external radiation and the radiation from the body’s cells.” –EMR Shield

Now that you know, protect yourself and those you care about from electromagnetic pollution.  Here at Tmrw.Tday, we’ve joined forces with EMR Shield to bring awareness of this technology to the masses and to share this technology with you in Negril.

We put so much work in at the gym, the yoga studio, into eating clean, meditating, etc – creating a “clean wifi space” is just another important aspect of taking care of our overall wellness.

Sometimes you just need to disconnect from it all and focus on the beauty of the world around you, which is exactly what we’ll be doing at Tmrw.Tday 2019. Come experience the magic – tickets are available here.