By: Brad Auerbach – Forbes Magazine

Two recent inaugural island festivals are a study in how to organize a successful gathering. The Tmrw.Tday festival in Jamaica’s Negril was a resounding success. A few weeks earlier, the Fyre festival in the Bahamas has left a wake of lawsuits.

Between the two festivals I spoke with Tmrw.Tday’s organizer Andrew Christoforou. I asked him the inevitable question, what about the blowback from the Fyre debacle in the Bahamas?

Guests and partners have been sending articles, and with our partners in the festival and concert business, some alarm bells have been raised. But our sales have not been not affected. In fact, the reports have galvanized us to review with a fine tooth comb all elements of security and logistics, all management meetings, bar services, regulations, client safety and protocol. On balance, it is a good thing, it brought us to take a harder look on everything.

I am always interested in the technological advancements in the festival space, and Christoforou described the balance he would be taking at Tmrw.Tday. “We decided not to use RFID wristbands for a cashless experience, instead we went old school with a redemption center so we could be more face to face with attendees. I wanted a no cell phone event, and this will be the first festival with clean WiFi technology. We installed custom terminals to strip all electromagnetic fields. We will be the first festival to have a neutralized environment and DJ booth.”

By all accounts, Tmrw.Tday was a success.

Right before the start of the festival and despite angst from the Fire debacle, Christoforou told me he was happy with the pace of ticket sales for the inaugural festival, and international sales were better than expected. The event was touted as a unique effort to bring an awakening of togetherness for six nights of music and wellness classes including yoga, meditation and hiking excursions happening each day.

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