By: Brad Auerbach – Forbes Magazine

The global proliferation of music festivals portends an inevitable shakeout; already several festivals have been cancelled. Even the venerable Coachella is the subject of rumors that it did not sell out this year as quickly as in years past. What is becoming evident is that the festivals that offer the right blend of location and experience will remain viable. The producers of Tmrw.Tday in Jamaica seem to have struck the right balance, and their focus on bettering the surrounding community continues to impress.

I recently spoke with Andrew Christoforou and Kevin Bourke, the producers of Tmrw.Tday, and they provided Forbes readers with some exclusive information about their event, to be held in Negril, Jamaica on April 30-May 5, 2019.

They were calling from Kingston, where they took time out from their ongoing meetings to describe the evolution from the inaugural Tmrw.Tday.

We have strong supporters including the Jamaica Tourist Board & Ministry of Culture and we are ready for Year Two. We already have a return rate of about 80%, based on pre-sales. We have sold triple the amount of tickets sold in same time frame run up to our event compared to last year. Our goal is to curate authentic and special experiences within the six days of the festival. The true stars are the people of Jamaica; we are only the facilitators.

In addition to the impressive lineup of instructors and teachers across disciplines such as health, wellness and the like, the producers are treading lightly but respectfully into the role of cannabis in Jamaica and globally.

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