By: Diana Carolina – Gypset Magazine

Smiling faces, ecstatic dance, and endless breathtaking visions of postcard perfect coastline serves as the backdrop for Jamaica’s Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest, who just wrapped its second journey around the sun this past May. Abound with wellness activations, conscious music, engaging tribe talks, movement and meditations, Tmrw.Tday will continue to be nothing short of magical and one of the most incredible festival experiences in the world.

Witness an electrifying Beenie Man performance direct from The Caves, a venue that rivals its contemporaries globally in natural beauty and history. Playing host to AudioFly and a Crew Lovetakeover featuring Lonely C of Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb and boasting a secret, seaside stage deep within the limestone cliffs, The Caves came to life with wild abandon under the ethereal glow of the moon each night throughout the week.

Look no further than the cliffside of Negril to engage in a vacation like no other. With unique programming, progressive leadership style, and a whole lot of heart and soul – Tmrw.Tday provides endless opportunities for attendees to engage, release, love and rejuvenate, as the ultimate festi-vacation destination.

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