Irie Selkirk

The Green Tent

Toronto, Canada

Experience seeker. World Changer. Innovator. Kind Heart. Irie focusses on how plant medicine and safe, thoughtful consumption and self-care can infuse more meaning and mindfulness into our modern lives. Irie’s desire and purpose is to channel all that she has learned from helping others with plant medicine and from the cannabis industry into her comprehensive vision and unwavering dedication to create a better, more harmonized future… all through the power of connectivity and nature.

A lifetime of positive plant medicine experiences combined with her academic studies and a background in health and wellness has led to over 10 years as an insightful educator, patient advocate and caregiver, helping bring her own unique and passionate perspective on the benefits of plant medicines to the world.

As a mother of three, serial entrepreneur and thought leader, Irie’s unique and positive spin on life successfully breaks down walls on stigmatization, while simultaneously connecting with individuals and building strong bridges within communities.

Irie also happens to act as CEO for The Green Tent, was formerly Director of Outreach for both Emblem Cannabis and Tokyo Smoke, she sits on the advisory board for NICHE and consults with international cannabis and entheogenic stakeholders. When she’s not in the boardroom or working with patients, Irie speaks both her mind and her heart at educational cannabis panels across the globe (including Canex Jamaica, NORML Canada, Lift, and MJBizCon), and holds workshops and seminars for consumers, patients and industry leaders in her effort to make the world a better place.

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