By Andrea Delgado

Irie Sould Beach could be the place you embark on one of the greatest journeys of your life – discovering who you are and then accepting the person you find. When you do, you’ll experience a level of happiness and gratitude that overflows into every aspect of your day.

Wellness personality and yoga instructor Gillian B found isolation was key to finding herself.

“Solitude has been a powerful medicine and has helped me to really ground myself in my own truths and allow myself to bloom.” – Gillian B.

This theme of self-love and self-discovery is the foundation for Irie Soul Beach, which happens to be Tmrw.Tday’s signature event.

What you can expect from Irie Soul Beach

At Irie Soul, you can expect to embark on a journey of self acceptance. This is achieved through yoga practice, guided meditation and the teachings of some inspiring health and wellness speakers. Through all of this, Tmrw.Tday hopes to facilitate your journey of self discovery.

Tmrw.Tday guest speaker Gillan will guide your practice at Irie Soul Beach to ensure you’re mentally prepared to go on a journey of self-love and acceptance. Through a focus on mindfulness and wellbeing, students can expect to feel clearer and more content following Gillan’s personal development workshops.

Gillian teaches from her own experience, in fact, it was through her own trials and tribulations that Gillan discovered the power of self-love.

“In the past, I was notorious for losing myself in all relationships. While making progress uncovering my true self, it wasn’t until I decided to take a break from intimate relationships for a period of time to explore what it is I want, need and believe.”

How to find your Irie Soul

It is the year of new beginnings, lifestyles and a chance to become the best version of yourself this 2017. Tmrw.Tday’s signature event, Irie Soul Beach is a fully curated program that includes yogic self-care practices, meditation, mindful living and variety of workshops.

Gillian will be accompanied by Irie Soul’s official Wellness Ambassador, David “Avacado” Wolfe, the globally recognised wellness personality.

Stay in the loop and find more out about Gillian and David’s Tmrw.Tday workshops.

For more information about attending Tmrw.Tday, click here.

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