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Motivational vlogger, presenter and former monk, Jay Shetty ponders the demands of relationships, expectations and jobs on our happiness. Many of us have forgotten about our Earth, living life and most importantly – each other. We need to take a step back and look at our lives. Our minds are always racing about what needs to get done, the next thing we want to buy, or what we’re stressed out about. We are always thinking about tomorrow. But what about today?

Shetty ponders how to correct this behaviour.

“How do we dissect this paradox that exists in our lives? It starts with each of us pressing reset – taking a moment to become more conscious, taking a moment to become more aware.” – Jay Shetty

What about the things that are presently happening? We hardly ever take the time to think about life as it presently unfolds. We are constantly doing, but somewhere in between, we forget to actually live. This video represents the paradox that exists in all of our lives. We’re alive, but sometimes forget to actually live. This is what Tmrw.Tday hopes to change.

Although the idea of being more mindful may seem straightforward, it takes practice. We are currently in a habit of always thinking ahead, and habits may sometimes be hard to break. That is why we want to show you how to begin your journey of being mindful, and slowly changing your world – and the worlds of others around you – in a positive way.

Being conscious begins with taking a minute to think, reflect, and act. Being conscious begins with looking at the world and resetting your perspective. Being conscious is the beginning of living a life without a paradox; a life that appreciates what we currently have instead of what we do not yet own, a life that nourishes the soul instead of the ego, and a life that actively shows love to those around it. The movement of Tmrw begins with Tday.

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