The Big Love Tribe

Toronto, Canada

Jesse Buck is a Community Visionary, Yoga Teacher, DJ, Cacao enthusiast and Sound Healer who holds the intention to inspire others and activate our highest potential. From Toronto Canada, Jesse offers retreats, community events, cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances, sound journeys and runs a weekly Chocolate Dance Party Called “Chocolate Groove”, a Morning Yoga – Ecstatic Dance called “Temple Groove” & an event called “The Big Love Cacao Ceremony Ecstatic Dance” with his soul brother Darren Austin Hall.

When conducting Sound Healing Ceremonies with an array of sacred instruments, Jesse plays crystal singing bowls tuned to the frequency of 432hz, allowing for deep states of relaxation and healing with guided meditation.

His mission is to create more Conscious Communities, inspire others to become empowered and co-create the golden age!

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