Justin Roy

Vibez Tribe

Toronto, Canada

On and off the dance floor, Justin Roy is here to set a vibe. As a DJ, producer, and curator, he views sound as a sonic nutrient that has the power to impact millions & unify the Earth. Justin has been DJ’ing, producing, and curating vibes for nearly a decade and has doused himself in a number of the world’s most exceptional sonic environments. From sound baths to dance floors and everything in between, the inspiration runs deep and includes multiple seasons in Ibiza & Tulum, months with jungle medicines in South America, and four years in the Black Rock Desert of Burning Man. Justin’s sound is a reflection of a rich and ever-expanding experience.

Today he’s influenced by an affluent creative culture in Toronto and has a number of blossoming projects. Love Cow Burning Man Camp is preparing for its 4th and wildest burn yet with a series of events leading up to 2019’s event. Love Cow is coming in hot early 2019 with the collective bringing their signature daytime curation of music, movement and meditation to the finest outdoor sanctuaries in Toronto, LA, San Francisco, Jamaica, and NY. For Justin, 2019 will also bring the revealing of Earth People- a live performance and interactive soundscape. Founded at Star Chamber Studios, the project strives to provide an outlet for the city’s creative class to harmonize, build community, and elevate the collective consciousness through an experimental and inclusive song writing process. The sound is a fusion of psychedelic ambient soundscapes and hypnotic deep house rhythms that vastly vary in tempo. But that’s always changing. And especially as a DJ, Justin is incredibly flexible and cognizant of the fact that different environments resonate at different frequencies. This translates to a producer, DJ, and curator that can harmonize a vibe in any setting.

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