Kamila Mcdonald

Wake-Up, Live Fit & Hit Workout

Kingston, Jamaica

Multi-passionate entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and health coach who once struggled with her own weight and is now committed to motivating and inspiring others to experience the highest quality of life through healthy living.

Kamila holds a Bachelor of Arts, with Honours in Communication and Media Studies from Stanford University and a Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley where she was a recipient of the prestigious Kaiser Permanente Health Journalism scholarship conducting research on obesity prevention in marginalized communities.

Kamila released her first book Wake Up And Live in 2018—a mind, body, spirit approach to lifestyle-change which has helped hundreds around the world to heal and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Her popular cookbook Kamila’s Kitchen was released in September 2019 with over 100 healthy, Jamaican inspired recipes.

She has used her experiences to build a strong and engaging social media audience where she continues to send positive, fitness and nutrition messages in an effort to be an inspirational catalyst for healthy living across the world. Kamila is currently an ambassador of Canopy Health Insurance, Suzuki Jamaica, Ataq Sports Nutrition and The National Health Fund.

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