Since inception, the Tmrw Tday Festival has given back to Jamaica through its Konscious Kids program. This year, powered by local non-profit 876 Volunteer, the focus turned towards spreading our Cultural Seeds of the festival into the festival’s hometown of Negril.

Our Wellness Assembly with Negril All Age School couldn’t have come at a better time – in the midst of exam season. We shared tips on focus and stress release. The motivational talk taught them mantras for success and our musical performance lifted their vibrations to higher heights!

We also collaborated with The Negril Education Environment Trust (NEET). This community program works hard providing both youths and their parents the extra help they need to be successful in school. Our workshop supported them using yoga, meditation and sweet sound healing that encouraged stronger family bonds. The Tmrw.Tday attendees went the extra mile and donated 15 tablets for the children to learn how to use. After successfully completing the 8-week program they get to keep the tablet. A win win for everyone…

PLUS the generous donations made by our tmrw.tday tribe members from around the world! It’s hard to describe the positive impact that was made this year through Konscious Kids. The biggest impact made was by the Youth, on us. We are so grateful to be able to build towards Jamaica’s Future. It’s so bright. Trust us. We’ve seen it.

Looking to make an impact? As an attendee of Tmrw.Tday you will be able to join our Konscious Kids program and be a part of giving back to the community.

Simone Brown, Founder of 876 Volunteer shares more about it.

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