Anxiety Shmanxiety Workshop

NYC, New York

Krystal Chong is the author of “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life.” Her highly acclaimed book has inspired thousands to move towards mental wellness and meaningful work. She has started a revolution on letting go of fear, doubt and others expectations of you and finding and living the life you know deep down inside you are meant to live.

Krystal’s book has helped countless readers escape an unfulfilling and empty life to manifesting one they feel connected and aligned with; A life filled with meaning, joy and the things they’ve always dreamt of but once believed were out of reach. Her light-hearted, relatable, humorous, yet action-focused approach to dealing with topics such as anxiety, depression and fear has made her a unique personality in the motivational space.

She is the founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety, a company that provides a comprehensive, organic, and enjoyable solution to anxiety. She helps high-achieving, Type-A women take back control of their minds and lives and uncover the happiest and most effective versions of themselves. Her unique method is a hybrid of findings in spirituality and neuroscience. She is changing the popular narrative on mental illness through empowerment.

In a previous life, Krystal was the CMO for Honey Bun Ltd. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and an MBA from McGill University, Montreal and ISM, Paris. Krystal is frequently featured in the media on topics such as conquering anxiety, moving beyond fear, and connecting with your life’s purpose. She is a Chinese Jamaican based in New York City.

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