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Cannabis Tribe Talks

Vancouver, Canada

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Marcus “Bubble man“ Richardson has been an entrepreneur and a hemp activist since 1993. His fields of experience span from industrial hemp cultivation to cannabis macro photography and advanced medical cannabis extraction methods.

In 1995, Health Canada granted his license for the first legal hemp field in Manitoba, in over 73 years. Marcus’ first goal was to change the licensing rhetoric from “experimental” to “commercial,” encouraging industry and the profits that come with it.

Marcus left Manitoba for British Columbia in 1996 in order to grow cannabis for the British Columbia Compassion Club Society, which provides cannabis and natural therapies to patients whose ailments would otherwise be difficult to live with. In 1998, he was affiliated with Consolidated Growers and Processors, Inc., which pioneered the hemp phytoremediation project to decontaminate soil in the Chernobyl region of Ukraine. Industrial hemp growing has since reduced the toxicity of the soil considerably.

In 1999, Marcus established FreshHeadies, Ltd.,The Bubbleman Was born ,which helped popularize the water method for extracting cannabis, creating the first three-bag multitasking filtration kit as well as the first 4, 5 6 7 and 8 bag kits. The bags gently extract the glandular trichome heads of the cannabis plant, which contain the highest concentration of THC. Currently, Fresh Headies, Ltd., produces the world’s first and only eight-bag water extraction kits.

Marcus’ life-long interest in photography, medical cannabis benefits, and hemp cultivation led him to begin cannabis macro photography in 2008. National Geographic has purchased several of his cannabis trichome pieces, and other magazines followed. Most recently, his work has appeared on the cover of Frank151, an internationally recognized media company based in New York City. Through his trichome photography, Marcus learned about the endocannabinoid system and its positive, preventative effects on the human body.

Over the years, Marcus’ pioneering products and writing have been featured in magazines including Cannabis Culture, Red Eye, Weed World, High Times, and Heads. He has been an educational speaker at countless conferences and events, including Vancouver’s Greenrush Financial Conference on May 7th, 2014.

Marcus’ intense interest in the medicinal value of cannabis has grown exponentially through his study of glandular trichomes, and he continues to educate others on the merits of efficiently extracting cannabinoids through dry sifting and water methods. In 2013, he began growing cannabis legally for his own medicinal needs, focusing solely on the extraction of medicines from the plant.

In 2014 Marcus will begin work with his research and development company in Jamaica to study the effects of different cannabis strains on various human ailments for the betterment of the medical field in general. The focus of the research will analyze and study the cannabinoid profiles of specific strains bred by the Ucann/CRD team.

In 2015 Marcus focused a lot of his attention on his Jamaican Company Cannabinoid Research and development spending a lot of time locally on the island. Also building his youtube audience thru his Channel Bubbleman’s World. With 66,000 subscribers, and over 10 million views as of 2017.

2016 Marcus opened up the Canadian Branch of Blue River Ltd. Specializing in distribution of Cannabis derived Terpenes, as well as educating the public on the vast importances of Terpene modulation of cannabinoids. Helping open the dialogue with his partner Tony Verzura, and The rest of the Hash Church Panel (a live show each Sunday with a panelist of experts in the field of cannabis).

2017 is a big year with the Bubbleman brand launching down in California. Partnered with Advesa Labs the Bubbleman Brand will produce water hash , dry sift and Rosin, as well as Terpene added Bubblehash, Dry sift and Rosin.Debuting at the largest and most successful dispensary in America. Steve Deangelo’s Harbourside.

2018, Marcus helps as a founder of a new company called Embark Health Inc. Along with an incredible professional team, he takes on the position of Chief Cannabinoid Officer . Embarks mission is to open the quintessential extraction lab in Canada’s federal legal industry. With 7 types of extraction and the capabilities of processing 10,000lbs of bio mass per day, Marcus is very excited about the prospects and the future of extracts in Canada. Marcus Also joins Whistler Technologies as their Chief Trichome Officer, and will be focused in
improving IP within the company by helping design new improve GMP compliant, stainless steel Industrial Commercial water and ice extraction vessels.

2019, Marcus is excited to expand his global foot print with his brand BUBBLEMAN BRAND LTD joining forces with Happy Valley ltd in Mass, USA.The companies plan is to take Bubbleman brand ltd International with the proper Design, marketing and execution of the brand.

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Artist Channels:

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