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Ottawa, Canada

Parmees is a speaker, author, and high-performance trainer. Through her studies in integrative medicine, behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology, Parmees has crafted what she calls the Peak Performance Model — a framework which she uses in her coaching and consulting to help individuals & organizations maximize their energy, mindset, and productivity in both their personal & professional lives.

Her passions being deeply rooted in human potential, health & well-being, and organizational psychology, Parmees has helped hundreds of clients find their path to peak performance through her writings, speaking, workshops and courses.

Having committed to well-being to emerge from the depths of physical and emotional limitations that come with being a business owner herself, she strives to become an influential force for others to learn from. Her mission is to educate, inspire, and guide others to overcome physical, mental and structural obstacles that are holding them back from achieving their full potential, by using evidence-based practices to adopt and sustain behaviours that improve health and quality of life.

Her dynamic, fun and fully interactive teaching style have the power to bring about long-term professional growth and development at both the individual and organizational level. Parmees strongly believes that anything can be accomplished with proper dedication, guidance, and a growth mindset.

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