Sara Salehi

Irie Soul Tribe

Toronto, Canada

Sara’s yoga journey began during a distressing period of transition and uncertainty. Having just received her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Psychology at University of Toronto, she was uncertain about what to do with her life and was preparing to go on a military tour of duty to Afghanistan. Though it made financial sense, she felt conflicted about this decision and the closer the date of her departure came, the more the unsettling feelings of confusion and doubt amplified. It was during this time that she found herself on her mat for the first time at Moksha Yoga North York. She credits that very first class in fall of 2008 with giving her insight and clarity of mind to listen to herself. Instead of going to Afghanistan, Sara went back to school and obtained her Masters in Rehabilitation Neuroscience. Through her practice of mindfullness, she found the courage to carve out a completely different path in life.

As an educator and teacher, Sara’s style comes from a unique marriage between knowledge of the human brain and body. She focuses on guiding students through a conversation with their bodies, while using the breath as an awareness tool. Sara’s approach to teaching is to bring her students to a point in their practice where they can appreciate the subtlety of a movement based meditation and to realize the relevance of each pose to our daily struggles in the ‘real world’. Through each pose she challenges her students to test their habits by thinking about when they give up , how they react, what expectations, self-doubts, and self-judgments they experience.

Over the years, She has completed an array of teacher trainings in different styles of yoga, including Moksha, Moksha Flow, Pre and post natal yoga, as well as yin and restorative. Recently, she went to the jungle to add Thai yoga massage to her repertoire and completed multiple intensives in the jungle at Navina Costa Rica.

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