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We bring together conscious humans that see through the divisions of the world, to cultivate a community that’s rooted in One Love and collaboration.

Soul Rebel Gathering
Saturday july 24, 2021

5 Live Masterclass Workshops In A Soul-Aligned Community

For the rulebreakers, the misfits, the "black sheep", and the mystics…

For the lovers, the artists, the creatives, and the dreamers…

Are you feeling disconnected, isolated and like the lone wolf in your pack? If so this Masterclass was designed for you to connect with your Soul Family...
  • You long to find your people. The people who share your values, your desires, and maybe even your wildest dreams. A community you can grow with, create with, and count on for support. Your soul family.

  • Connect with a community of like-hearted people who have always been the “rebels” in their lives too.

  • Discover how to powerfully give back to your community—becoming part of the solution that impacts future generation.

  • Find strength, support, and accountability inside our community as we do this work together

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This Isn’t Just Personal Development;
It’s Soul Development.


My 38th Birthday and day one of the Tmrw.Tday Virtual Fest 1.0 our world had turned into a series of unknowns. I had no idea that the 11-Day journey ahead of me would bring intense connections that I had been longing for.

I cannot imagine 2020 without the growth and support of this community. They have kept us strong, kept us engaged and I will continue to invest my time, energy and money towards building a better Tmrw.Tday.

- Marina McSherry

6-months before the first Virtual Fest I suffered a serious back injury. After 11-days of movement and breathwork sessions I was pain free for the first time since the accident.

I love their workshops and how safe and open it is to share. This community is so supportive and they welcome you with open arms.

Thank you Tmrw.Tday, you beautiful humans helped me reconnect to myself and heal.

- Tania Morales

The Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest was beyond words- but I’ll try. I came into the festival excited and not knowing what to expect. What I received was an experience that has changed my life on every level.

We as humans can be so complex and it blows my mind that the festival’s organizers were able to design a program which interacted with its patrons to stimulate us on every level.

I left feeling such intense love for myself and the world!

- Simone Brown

We are not a community of gurus vs. students, but of a collection of humans coming together to help activate and learn from each other.


The Tmrw.Tday Community is unlike any other group I have had the honour and privilege to work with as a facilitator.

The highlight of the Future Self program was presenting a 4-Day Workshop in front of 125 attendees at the 2019 Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest in Jamaica.

There is a unique openness to do the deep inner work that is often required for true outer change to occur. They also know how to celebrate life, enjoy the arts and music, and never lose sight of supporting a meaningful project or giving back to society.

This community is the future, search no longer if you are looking for a sense of Tmrw.Tday.

- Peter Oppermann
Future Self Institute

Leading a class at Tmrw.Tday feels like being carried by angel wings. Surrounded by so many like-minded souls, breathing and moving with such divinity and intention in such an exquisite setting, you forget the plan for the class and literally are guided from source, each word, each breath, each movement like a prayer from above.

Teaching at Tmrw.tday is like nothing else. It’s not a class, it’s a transformation and a glimpse into the future where we are all one.

- Sharon Feanny
Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

As a facilitator and performer that’s been gifted the opportunity to elicit change, influence and transformation at Tmrw.Tday, I’ve experienced both bliss and blessings.

This isn’t just a community. It’s a family of healers, teachers, artists and changemakers that are taking a stand for human possibility.

- Marcos Mendosa
Coach & Spoken Word Artist