Wellness Director, Tmrw.Tday

Toronto, Canada

Stacy is our Director of Wellness at Tmrw.Tday and the creator/founder of Irie Soul. It was her Chinese-Jamaican roots that led to the inspiration of Irie Soul Beach at Tmrw.Tday. It is through her vision & intentional selection of wellness offerings, that allows Tmrw.Tday to present such an integrative program. She dreams of a space, for souls from all over the world, from all walks of life, to come together to learn, to expand, to experience one love, inclusion and to vibrate higher. She wants this for your personal growth, to elevate the entire collective and for the well-being of our Mother Earth.

The yogic lifestyle has transformed her life and led her on this path. Through her classes, talks, writing and workshops, she aims to empower others by bringing a deeper sense of self. By sharing all she’s learned through yoga, neuroscience, positive psychology, Ayurveda, NLP and more, her aim is to inspire you to live with ease, more joy and fulfillment. She will help to raise your level of consciousness through your vibrations, by empowering you to release old patterns and fears.

Stacy encourages everyone to tap into his or her own powerful life force energy through Naturality – living according to your innate nature and following your individual path. Her belief is, if we “open (y)our eyes and look within…” we all have the ability to manifest our desires by discovering then serving our dharma (purpose).

Irie Soul Yoga bio:
Teaching a yoga style all her own; an alchemy of Hatha, Yin, slow flow Vinyassa, connection with the breath through pranayama and meditation. Join her offerings and leave inspired, with an Irie Mind, Irie Body & Irie Soul!

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