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Behind every business is a story, but behind Story & Myth’s line is generations of folklore and ancient mythology meant to empower and uplift its wearers. Kristie Stephenson, Story & Myth’s founder, truly represents what a conscious entrepreneur is.

Her brand creates job opportunities for people in need, works with farmers and people with physical disabilities in Jamaica. Each bead embodies inspiration, strength, hope and faith, with the intention of inspiring and helping those bejewelled by them to rise above fears, challenges and hardships.




We stand by Kristie Stephenson and we are proud to announce that Story & Myth will be releasing a signature Tmrw.Tday serie of sustom designed jewellery. Pieces will be available in early 2020 on our website, in the meantime get your Tmrw.Tday Blessing Bead Charm Bracelet HERE.


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