Taming the mind: Q&A with yoga guru Gillian B

By Andrea Delgado To live consciously is to be happy. At least that’s how I felt after interviewing Self-Care Teacher and yoga guru Gillian B.  She has all the credentials, an applied human nutrition degree from the University of Guelph and a yoga teacher tenure stretching 8 years. But it wasn’t always this rosy for […]

David Wolfe teams up with Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest!

By Tmrw.Tday Team David Wolfe invites you to attend Tmrw.Tday. “Immerse yourself in a week long journey of growth through yoga, mindful eating, music, sustainability and healing therapies” – David Wolfe

Negril, Jamaica’s Gateway To Conscious Living

By Andrea Delgado The natural beauty of Negril is transfixing, there’s no denying it, but depending on your stance you might feel vexed by the resorts and associated tourism. For me, I looked beyond the all-inclusives and found a sleepy, fishing village that taught me what conscious living meant. Head west out of Montego Bay and, when the […]