“Children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and education is a very important weapon to prepare children for their future roles as leaders of the community.” – Nelson Mandela



On July 2016, a life changing initiative was born; The Freedom Skatepark. Inspired by the tragic death of Andre ‘Wildfiyah’ Thompson in 2009, the international non-profit organization Flipping Youth in collaboration with the Concrete Jungle Foundation, Tmrw.Tday and Sandals Foundation founded what will be the first skateboard park in Jamaica.

The Freedom Skatepark is beyond your average park. This public skatepark is designed to support skateboarders as well as at-risk youth in the area. Not only it will provide complementary skateboards and safety equipment to the community, it also offers an educational program. Edu-Skate will serve as a tool to promote personnel development and promote youths’ inner motivational resources by giving them management responsibilities.

We are truly blessed to be apart of such an impactful movement. Watch what Andre ‘Wildfiyah’ Thompson’ mother, alongside locals, have to say about it.


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