What does Wa Gwan even mean?

Learn Patois with our new campaign, it aims to help culture fest attendees learn a phrase or two to use when in Negril. The term “patois” stems from Old French meaning local or regional dialect and originates from creole languages of West Africa.

“At Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest, we’re all about blending in with the locals.” – Tmrw.Tday


In this video, “Wa Gwan?” translates to “what’s up?” in English. Missa Chin/Miss Chin is a friendly term for a Chinese Jamaican.

To use it in a sentence:

English: What’s going on with you today?
Patois: Wa gwan wid yuh todeh?

Looking for something you’ll use more often while in Negril?

English: Yes Man!
Patois: Yeah Mon!

Want to learn more patois? Impress the locals with the many patois videos we have here.

For more information about attending Tmrw.Tday, click here.

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